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solarCollectorsOur Solution – Velux Solar Water Heating System

Windy City Skylights and its affiliated companies, St. Louis Skylights, and Mid Missouri Skylights, are the only Velux certified installers in Missouri and Illinois of the Velux Solar Water Heating System. Velux, which has been offering this system in Europe for many years, has brought this exciting energy saving product to America due to the growing demand for green friendly products that reduce energy consumption and the nation’s reliance on fossil fuels.

The Velux Solar Water Heating System can reduce water heating bills by 50 – 80% compared to conventional systems, with an anticipated payback period of 3 – 7 years in most areas. Federal tax credits help pay 30% for the system, with some states and utilities offering additional support. To learn more, contact Windy City Skylights or visit www.veluxusa.com/solar/ to learn more.

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